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The GSI laboratory is the genesis of GSI’s success. All that GSI is and all that it has accomplished started there. As the only major gem lab established in the 21st century, is uniquely equipped to address continually emerging and accelerating industry challenges. For example, proprietary software allows GSI to utilize modern technological advances in order to speed up procedures and delivery time without jeopardizing quality. GSI’s international gemological laboratory also offers an unmatched variety of products and services. GSI does it all, from basic diamond grading services to the most sophisticated testing and examination using advanced instruments. The lab offers sorting of melee, cut grade analysis, light analysis reports, origin testing of loose diamonds and gemstones, treatment identification, laser inscription on diamonds and gemstones, metal engraving, jewelry QC, metal inspection, and 360-degree virtual imaging on every loose diamond. We generates several types of grading reports depending on specific client needs. Reports are printed with differing formats, details, and prices. Each report includes educational materials to help consumers understand the information in the context of personal jewelry and diamond purchases. All GSI gemological reports are backed by a commitment to the highest ethical standards. The company’s experience and reputation are well known in the industry and speak for themselves. Clients know they can rely on GSI for integrity and transparency.

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