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Arginin Fusion Formula

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    Arginin Fusion Formula

    Ideal supplement for pre-workout
    2250 mg of potent arginine-compounds
    1500 mg Arginine AKG
    1000 mg Citrulline Malate
    750 mg Ornithine AKG
    Betaine, Rutin, Norvaline
    Ginseng, OPC, EGCG, 3-GP
    Agmatine sulfate, Glucuronolactone
    Vitamin C (500% RDA) and Vitamin B

    Vitamins / Tagesportion (8 capsules) RDA*
    Vitamin C 400 mg 500 %
    Niacine 48 mg 300 %
    Vitamin B6 2,1 mg 150 %
    Folic Acid 600 µg 300 %
    Vitamin B12 3,75 µg 150 %
    * Recommended daily allowance (RDA – based on EU-Directive 2008-100-EG)
    Contents / Tagesportion (8 capsules)
    L-Arginin-Alpha-Ketoglutarate 1500 mg
    250 mg
    L-Arginin-Pyroglutamate 250 mg
    250 mg
    L-Citrullin-Malat 1000 mg
    Betaine 800 mg
    L-Ornithin-Alpha-Ketoglutarate 750 mg
    250 mg
    250 mg
    250 mg
    250 mg
    200 mg
    200 mg
    50 mg
    L-Norvaline 20 mg

    Short Description:
    Arginine Fusion is a complex of 17 Nitric oxide precursors and is a unique Nitric Oxide Booster, specially designed for intense workouts.

    Arginine Fusion contains all forms of Arginine, for optimal absorption of this amino acid.

    Arginine is very popular among athletes for its involvement in many bodily functions, for its stimulation of blood flow and vasodilatation (nitric oxide synthesis) and for its positive effect on the growth hormone (HGH).

    On top of that, Arginine Fusion contains Ornithine, citrulline and citrulline malate, that mutually stimulates each other. Arginine Fusion (Vasobolan) is much more effective than pure Nitric Oxide Booster Arginine or even Nitrox.

    What can I expect from arginine Fusion?
    Arginine Fusion is an effective nitric oxide booster beneficial for stimulation of muscle growth during training.

    The overall effects depend on your eating habits and use of additional supplements (such as protein, highly glycemic carbohydrates, and creatine).

    A sufficient and constant supply of amino acids and particularly Arginine Fusion is important for muscle and strength gains. Arginine Fusion improves the supply of build substrates (creatine, amino acids), creates a feeling of “pumped” muscles and improves regeneration and muscle building processes.

    For a sufficient and constant supply of amino acids, take fast proteins (especially in the morning, before and after training) and slow proteins so there is always enough substrates for muscle building and to avoid muscle degradation. During training days, focus on an adequate supply to take advantage of Arginine Fusion’s full potential.

    Function and Impact:

    Arginine in Arginine Fusion consists of Arginine hydrochloride, Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, Di Arginine Malate, Arginine Keto-Pyroglutamate Isocaproate and Arginine. This special complex provides an excellent absorption of Arginine and stabilizes the Arginine levels in blood.

    Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate (OKG)) stimulates the protein synthesis, reducing muscle degradation and stimulating HGH (human growth hormone). What is most interesting is that OKG increases levels of Arginine in the blood.

    The Citrulline is converted into Arginine, which also increases levels of Arginine in blood. Another interesting effect of citrulline is that it delays muscle exhaustion and eliminates ammonia in body.

    Norvaline works as a stabilizer, stabilizing levels of Arginine in blood. Forskolin and capsaicin stimulate fat burn and together with rutin they optimize the blood flow. Antioxidants OPC and polyphenols's stabilize CAMP.

    In total Arginine Fusion (Vasobolan) provides all the natural substances known to increase the level of Arginine in the blood and to stimulate the synthesis of nitric oxide for strong and long lasting effects.

    By vasodilatation (widening of blood vessels) building substrates such as amino acids and creatine and others can be transported easily to muscle cells. Increased supply of nutrients stimulates muscle growth and Arginine Fusion favours longer and more intensive workouts. Arginine Fusion should be taken with appropriate substrates to gain the most out of its full potential.

    Improved blood flow increases the “muscle pump” and training performance.

    Apart from the improved blood flow Arginine Fusion has a stimulating effect on male and female sexual pleasure.

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